This week I have discussed my top 5 productivity apps on @SAFM with @AshrafGarda on Tech Media today:

1. Task Management: OmniFocus for Mac and iOS


  •  OmniFocus For Mac : 14 Day Trial,  Standard:: $39.99 Pro: $79.99
  •  OmniFocus For iPad :  $29.99
  •  OmniFocus For iPhone:  $19.99

Created by the award winning Omni-group (leaders in product management tools for Mac and iOS), OmniFocus is a task management tool available for Mac, iPad and iPhone, making this a truly connected tool available on your choice of platform if you are in the Apple Ecosystem. The app uses the concept of  “Perspectives” to help people analyse their work and get it done quickly and efficiently. Each OmniFocus Perspective is designed for a specific reason (planning, checking on upcoming tasks, etc.) and brings the most relevant information to the forefront by focusing on folders and projects that business professionals need to see at any given time. The app can be used to track tasks by date, place, person or project. OminFocus ensures professionals balance life and work by helping them stay on top of projects and goals. It also has features for attachment support (images, urls), calendar integration and push notifications on actions that have a deadline. Tasks can also be exported and shared (with other omnifocus users).

2. Notetaking : Evernote for Mac,  iOS , Android, Windows , Web Apps

Price: Free for basic features, Monthly subscription for premium and business features (such as offline mode on mobile).

One of the most popular collaborative and popular note taking apps and used extensively  for team brainstorming, organising  your notes, or just save snippets of content from webpages (I use it for saving Recipes, shopping lists).   Evernote offers a single workspace that can be accessed from any location at any time. By keeping all documents, presentations and photos close at hand, the app makes it easy for people to work remotely, give presentations that were created in the office, and collaborate with their teams.


3. Cloud Storage: DropBox for iOS , Android, BlackBerry

Price: Free for basic use (2GB space), Monthly subscriptions for premium and business use

Dropbox provides easy-to-manage cloud storage that any busy executives or anyone on the go will appreciate. Anything you add to Dropbox will automatically show in the Dropbox app on your smartphone, so travelling business professionals can access files from any device. Dropbox also makes it easy to share files, and since these files are safely stored in the cloud, so you never need to worry about carrying flash drives around. Files can also be synced from the cloud to your local drive on your Mac/PC.

4. Document Editing:  Microsoft Apps for iOS , Android, Windows Phone, PC & Mac

Price: Free for basic features, and available with an office 365 monthly subscription for editing/sharing ($6.99/month)

The MS Office app suite is the most commonly used office suite globally and has most recently become available on all mobile devices. e. It allows access to files stored on OneDrive, OneDrive for Business or SharePoint, and view and edit Office files, including those that are attached to emails. Most recently it has become integrated with DropBox meaning you can share and edit documents within Dropbox. In addition, Word, Excel and PowerPoint have been optimized for smartphones, ensuring business professionals can view crystal-clear versions of files and make edits on their smartphones as needed.


5. Document Scanning: TurboScan for iOS , Android,

Price: R36.99 (iOS, R25.00 (Android)

TurboScan turns your phone into a multipage scanner for documents, receipts, notes, whiteboards, and other text. With TurboScan, you can quickly scan your documents and store or email them as multipage PDF or JPEG files. Very convenient and an awesome productivity app which I’ve been using for the past few years.