Last night the South African National Finals of the Southern African Startup Awards (the African leg of the Global Startup Awards) was held in Cape Town.

To my surprise, I found out a few weeks ago that I was once again a finalist in the “Role Model in Tech” category . After winning this category last year in the National Finals (which I did not attend as it was a week after my mum passed away) and the People’s choice award winner in the Regional finals that was held in November, I honestly was just super stoked to be a finalist again and really did not expect to win.

And guess what, I won 🙂 To say I’m SO humbled for this recognition is hard to express in the correct words, so I will just keep it short and sweet and say a huge THANK YOU to the judges of  the Southern African Startup awards and my industry peers for regarding me as someone that is inspirational to other females in this industry. I love what I do and if that helps inspire others, well I could not ask for a better accolade.

Last by certainly not least, this award is especially dedicated to my role model, my darling mum, who may not be physically present on this earth with me anymore, but has raised me to never give up and persevere no-matter what, with both dignity and grace. This one is especially for you Mum, love you eternally.


Global Startup Awards – South Africa National Finals