This week I have discussed my top 5  commuter apps on  @SAFM with @AshrafGarda on Tech Media today:

1. Go Metro ( for train and bus times) :  Available on mobi, USSD,  iOS, Android  and Windows Phone platforms –

Price: Free

Launched 3 years ago first on mobi and USSD and most recently a suite of  apps, GoMetro is an extensive transport portal that currently covers commuter information (includes fare information) for  the Eastern Cape, Gauteng, KZN and the Western Cape. Information is collected and available  across the following networks:

  • Metrorail
  • My CitiBus
  • Golden Arrow
  • Gauteng Rapid Rail
  • Rea Vaya Joburg

New features of the apps include:

– updates from passengers on route

– social sharing with fellow passengers

– alerts delivered to your phone for major interruptions, price changes, special events

– also an “Email your boss” functionality to notify your boss if you are going to be late due to transportation issues via a button in the app or via  USSD.

–  Coming soon: QR Code and USSD mobile ticketing (which has been endorsed by the department of transport)


2. The official Gautrain app : : Available on iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone

Price: Free

For commuters who are only interested in the Gautrain services, the official Gautrain app is particularly useful. This app details information about the Gautrain stations, maps, routes, fares and times including bus and parking fees.

Alerts regarding interruptions and delays are delivered via push notifications.


3.Waze:  Currently  available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone

Price: Free

Waze is the largest community based navigation and traffic app. Acquired by Google in 2013,  Waze is different to Maps in that its data is crowd sourced, whereas Maps is more streamlined. Traffic is reported in real time by the community and one gets alerted with traffic incidences such as roadblocks, congestion while on route (getting a heads up on traffic problems so that you can avoid them on route).

4. Uber: Currently  available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone


Currently the world’s leading taxi on demand service and is my favourite app while commuting as it is like a personal chauffeur service that:

  • has one tap to ride
  • transparent fare costs
  • reliable pickup
  • cashless
  • allows fares to be

5. TripIT :  – iOS , Android, Windows Phone

Price: Free and Pro editions

This is one of my favourite travel organising app.  Easy to use by simply forwarding all travel confirmation emails to and TripIt automagically creates a detailed daily itinerary for every trip.

The free version allows:

  • Forward hotel, airline, car rental, and restaurant confirmation emails to to create an instant itinerary (If you use Gmail or Google Apps, it happens automatically)
  • Access itineraries anytime, on any device (even offline)
  • Get directions, maps and weather for each destination
  • Sync trip plans with your Apple Calendar, Outlook, or Google Calendar
  • Add or edit plans manually—from the app or on
  • Share some (or all) of your trip plans via email or social

The paid version is $49/year and has the added benefits of:

  • real-time flight alerts,
  • seat tracker
  • flight finder
  • refund notifications,
  • loyalty point tracker